Having the proper tools for the job is paramount in any profession. As a wireless professional I am always on the lookout for something that will empower me to perform my job better. Below you will find an inventory of my current toolbox.
"It is not the tools we use which make us good, but rather how we employ them."

Apple MacBook Pro - I resisted the fruit for a long time, insisting on using a Windows based laptop. What I've found is that Apple does indeed make the best Windows laptop. By dual booting I have access to all my Windows only applications in addition to a host of OS X applications.

AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester - This is the first tool out of my bag when troubleshooting an issue or spot checking a deployment. A lot of functionality is packed into this handheld device, only rivaled by AirMagnet WiFiAnalyzer Pro.

AirMagnet WiFiAnalyzer Pro - For any troubleshooting efforts that aren't covered by the AirCheck I pull out this tool. From a packet & roaming analysis standpoint there are none better.

AirMagnet Spectrum XT - Dual-band spectrum analyzer great for finding non-wifi related interference sources. Also integrates with AirMagnet Analyzer & Survey to greatly enhance those products.

Ekahau Site Survey Pro - If you design/implement wireless networks you must have a tool for planning & surveying. This is currently my go to program for that purpose.

WiFi Explorer - A fantastic network discovery tool, but only for OS X. This app gives you access to a ton of information about the networks around you. A must have app if you use a Mac.

LinkSprinter 300 - This tool allows me to quickly validate all of the wired side settings, results can be viewed live via wifi connection to the device or in the cloud after an internet connection is established. I like that it keeps all of my tests in the cloud for a historical view.

Fluke-424D Laser Distance Meter - Being able to validate or create a drawing, when one isn't available, are wholly dependent on accurate measurements. This tool allows me to measure out to 100 meters with both precision & accuracy.

AirConsole XL - A WiFi/Bluetooth/Ethernet to Serial adapter. Allows me to work on the console of a device without being tethered to it. Can also act as a portable battery pack for USB devices.

Wireshark - Probably the most widely known packet capture tool. When coupled with Airtool it turns your Mac into a lean, mean, packet analysis machine.

Kali Live USB - This gives me quick access to a Linux based OS & a whole host of penetration testing tools.

iPerf - Quick way to perform a local throughput test, similar to speedtest. With apps available for Linux/Windows/Mac/iOS/Android you can test many different scenarios.

AutoCad - I deal with CAD files a lot. Whether it is editing or creating them for a wireless design. There are some free alternatives out there, but I find myself always returning to this.

Home Lab - Using a production network to test out new ideas is a quick way to learn where the unemployment office is. According to my family our home wireless is also production. Therefore, a home lab allows me to test & validate any new ideas I have before porting them over to production. It is also a great learning tool. Mine is currently setup specifically for the CCIE Wireless lab.

Be sure to check out The Tool Shed for more information on wireless tools.

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